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Meal Code™ - Ultra Premium Meal Enhancement Formula

Feel to Rushed to Eat ?

Health is the most valuable asset in our life. We are over worked and undernourished, creating a metabolic imbalance in cellular function leading to degenerative diseases. Medical experts often emphasize on meals which are low in sugar, salt, carbohydrates, fats and high in proteins, fibres and nutrients for management of Stressed life style, Obesity, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD), Arthritis etc. Though we like to stick to doctor’s advice but its difficult to follow the same for a long time.

Ready - to - Drink Meal : Support your busy life

Cell Code Nutrition® bring you a low glycemic meal replacement formula - Meal Code™ - which can help to fulfill your nutritional requirement in a tasty shake mix. Meal Code can be used for quick energy and also as a meal replacement to pep up your weight loss or boost your protein. It is formulated with high quality proteins and standardised ingredients which has enormous health benefits.

Taste - it - to - believe - it:

Meal Code delivers optimum nutrition to you so that your body can function at peak performance and it is more economical than the value menu at your favorite fast food restaurant.



You may use it As a supplement - Two to three tablespoons (20-30 grams) with 240ml of water or milk with or without ice before any one of your regular meals for health maintenance.
As a weight management supplement - Replace one / two of your regular major meals with “Meal Code” .
As a weight gain supplement- After your every regular meal for weight gain


Supports your efforts to control your weight and at the same time consume adequate protein to maintain your lean body mass.

Contains safe and effective metabolic enhancer Garcinia cambogia and Green Tea.
Low glycemic with Stevia and unique blend of multiple soluble & insoluble fibres.
Phytonutrients from whole food extracts taken from fruits and vegetables.
No hunger after-shock that is common from insulin level influencing drinks that contain complex carbohydrate.