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Nano CelluSil™ - Testimonials

Dear Sir,
Thank you for advising me to use Nanocellusil . I have learnt that the product Nanocellusil is the strongest antibiotic, which cured my wife’s cancer of uterus tumor(fibroid). We were in the darkness for last six months. In the mean time I have gone to Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac science, Mukundapur, Kolkatta-99 and my wife’s fibroid has been operated on 22nd may 2012 and report of biopsy said that exacted uterus with the fibroid had no cancer. This was due to the action of Nanocellusil and CMD Plus. It is also remarkable point that as per the hospital authority, she is not required to go for re checkup at the same hospital after operation. Doctors of the above said hospital is fully satisfied with her condition.

One more thing is that Mr.Ashish Kumar Ghosh declared to all other doctors that she was the first patient who came to normal and was fit only after one hour of operation. But I know sir, as per your advice my wife strictly used CMD Plus and NanoCelluSil continuously, and that was the actual fact of her strength and getting rid of cancer. Thank you sir lets say we have won something because of LifeCode. Lastly I would like to give the message to all that use our LifeCode products which may seem to be costly but life is not cheaper than the LifeCode products.

Mr.Babul Dey
Letter from Mr. Babul Dey to Dr.Sinha, G.M - Marketing and Training

Another case is of Mrs Pinky Kumari Verma resident of Nangloi, Delhi is a fresh case of Cancer of the Stomach (Adenocarcinoma)  Diagnosed in the last week of October 2010. Her General condition was very poor. She had extreme difficulty in Swallowing the Food and was not eating. As a result She lost Weight and was  Bed ridden. We immediately put her on NanoSil and Cell Essential on 6th Nov 2010. She came in Office on 23rd Nov for follow-up. Her appearance was totally changed, she has put on weight, eating with much ease and Digestion is improved. She is not on any Treatment for Cancer and does not want to be on Chemotherapy. After seeing her condition and Clinical Improvement I advised her to be on NanoSil and Cell essential for three months for the Cancer to be cured. We will confirm by Pathological Examination.

Mrs Pinky Kumari 

Report Submitted by Dr. Amarjeet Singh

Mrs Surender Kaur wife of Mr.Tirlochan Singh working in the Embassy of Serbia east while Yugoslavia. in Delhi.

She is a Diagnosed case of Cancer of the Tongue with Big swelling  in the Neck. She has undergone Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy at All India Institute of Delhi. But she was suffering from Extreme difficulty in Swallowing and could not swallow Solid food.She had sewere Pain in the Neck ,Weight loss, Hairfall and very poor health.She was braught by Mr.Rohit , Distributor in last week of Sept. She was put on the NanoSil and Cell essential in last week of Sept 2010. 5ml of NanoSil morning and Evening and Cell Essential One pouch every day before Lunch.  on 21st Nov  Her tumour size is much reduced. Her appetite is good She is eating Roti and Dal and Soups. Her Pain is much reduced and Swallowing is very easy and she is putting on weight and Hair Growth is better.  Thanks to NanoSil and Cell food Cell Essential.

Mr.Tirlochan Singh

Report Submitted by Dr. Amarjeet Singh

A case of Cancer of the Mouth of the Uterus. Diagnosed by Histopathological(Biopsy) on 5th march 2010. She was on Radiotherapy  and Chemotherapy  started in July. In First sitting of Chemotherapy she felt very Sick with Fever, Loss of  Appetite, Nausea, Vomiting Extreme Weakness,Cramps in the legs. She was Given NanoSil 10, 5ml two times a day under the Tongue. All the Symptoms of Chemotherapy were relieved within three days. There was no bleeding, her appetite improved, the Cell Count and Haemoglobin improved within 15 days. Chemotherapy was no more required and she became very healthy. Thanks to NanoSil and now she is an active Distributor.

Mrs Kuldeep Kaur

Report Submitted by Dr. Amarjeet Singh

Mrs. Gulati was on the CMD Concentrated Mineral drops when she was diagnosed of cancer of the Colon (Large Intestine) .She was operated in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi for colon removal and was put on Radiotherapy for 20 Sittings. She continued to be taking CMD and Cell-Essential with her doctor’s permission. It was noticed that the complications associated with Radiotherapy like fall in TLC cell count, fall in haemoglobin, fall of hair  from the head, loss of appetite etc were not noticed and she could complete her treatment without side effects. She was Advised NanoSil 10 for Cancer not to re occur and now she is feeling very healthy without any body pain and normal appetite. Thanks to all the three products of LifeCode.

Mrs. Gulati , 65 yrs. 
Faridabad, Haryana

Report Submitted by Dr. Amarjeet Singh

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