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Cell Essentials Testimonials


I am Manoshi Mandol working as a senior Accountant in Raj hospital & Research Centre since 20years.

My condition was very bad, as most of the time I was sick. I also got my gall bladder operated for stone. After that I started gaining weight. In August 2011, I met Mrs. Bharti Patel & Mr. Amit Kumar Verma in Ranchi. Both advised me to take CMD Plus and Cell Essentials.

After two months of regular use I feel very better, energetic and now after 6months my weight has been reduced by 5kg. This is amazing. 
  Thanks’ to”CMD and Cell Essentials”..

Name : Manoshi Mandal 
Place : Ranchi 
Age : 36 
Illness : weight gain

Due to multiple Neuromuscular problems I was not able to talk properly. Also I was very weak. Past 20 years I was suffering from this illness. I started taking Cell essentials 1 sachet per day, within 20 days I recovered from my 20 years old Neuromuscular problems

Name : Mr. Rajendra R Shah
Place : Vadodara
Age : 53
Illness : Neuromuscular Problem

I had undergone post accident operation and due to hamparing in nerves system my left part of the body was affected and stop functioning. I started doing physiotherapy. But I couldn’t see much result. Then started taking cell essentials for two months. Now I am feeling better and energitic.

Name : Mr. Jagadishbhai Thankkar
Place : Patan
Age : 57
Illness : Neuromuscular disorder

My son was not able to walk even at the age of 4 years due to cerebral palsy. He was not able to balance his body . we have given Concentrated Mineral Drops & Cell Essentials . Within two weeks he started walking for the first time in his life. Now he is improving fast.

Name : Mr.Ohm R. Patel
Place : Mehsana
Age : 4
Illness : Cerebral Palsy (Neuro disorder & muscle paralysis) Product Used : CMD Drops & Cell Essentials

I was suffering from Psoriasis since last 10 years. I was getting buring sensation and skin irritation on my whole body. I tried to recover through allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathy. But I could not get much improvement. I was not able to go out in a day time. Then I came to know about CMD through my friend in Ahamadabad. I started using Concentrated Mineral Drops 15 drops per day. After taking Concentrated Mineral Drops for one month, 70% of my problem recovered. My stamina increased by using Cell Essentails .

Name : Mr. Bhikhabhai K. Patel
Place : Mehsana
Age : 60
Illness : Psoriasis
Producted Used : CMD Drops & Cell Essentials

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